Now Care

Country: Now Care

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2022

Theme: Waste Management


Today, 85% of Swiss residents want to reduce plastic waste that they create from products in their bathroom by switching to more sustainable alternatives. However, only 3% make this switch by using the available alternatives such as refill option or hard soaps. According to our market study, this gap exists because the above-mentioned minimal-waste alternatives are not able to combine their 3 key criteria : 1. Convenience : they find solid soap tiresome to use and don’t want to change the way they take a shower (with a liquid soap). They also want it to be easily accessible (and are therefore not opting for the refill station solution). 2. Effectiveness : they want soaps that foams and have good properties for their skin and hair 3. Non-toxicity : they want soaps that are neither toxic for their health nor for the environment (sulfate-free, paraben free, endocrine disruptor free,…) This calls for a new product category. So after two years of R&D, we have created the Instant Soaps Powders and launch in november 2022. To obtain a full bottle of high-quality liquid shampoo, shower gel or hand soap, consumers simply have to pour the powder into a bottle, add tap water, and shake it. The powder formulas are highly scalable, and the acquired knowledge of the first three developed products serves as a basis to rapidly develop our product portfolio, while fulfilling our criteria of environmental and social sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to create a solution to the unsustainable practices of the self-care industry, that is so easy to use, that we can activate a critical mass of consumers to take a step to a more mindful consumption NOW.