Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2020

Theme: Sustainable materials


We manufacture and sell Swiss made high performance trail running clothing with low environmental impact to customers who enjoy practicing this activity in the Swiss Alps in a sustainable way.

All our gear is 100% Swiss made from fully recycled materials produced within 600km of our manufacturing facility in Fribourg. We manufacture only to order to limit any unnecessary production, deliver the gear in our own reusable packaging made from used paragliding sales and offer a free lifetime warranty so that you can keep your clothing longer.

Fully recycled high-performance Swiss Made trail running clothing guaranteed for life at the same price as the competition. In one of the world’s most polluting industries, at Revario we are proving that is possible to do business radically differently by placing the interests of the planet first on every decision we take.

Our gear only travels approximately 1’200km from raw materials to the final product. No crude oil is used in the manufacturing of our textiles. And you will receive your product in our reusable packaging made from used paragliding sails. We can reuse this packaging approximately 300 times.