Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2018

Theme: Sustainable mobility


We develop, manufacture and sell an electric urban logistic vehicle, called YakBike, that drastically increases our client’s profitability thanks to superior performances. Our objective is to help businesses to embrace more environmentally friendly delivery solutions and make our cities more liveable

The YakBike frame and powertrain is a 100% Shematic design and as of today 2x PCT patent applications have been submitted. PCT patents that covers key innovations of the YakBike’s electric motor. Thanks to those innovations Yakbike is capable of 1) increase the client’s profitability thanks to a larger payload and longer range 2) increase the vehicle ergonomics which allows the use of cargo bikes for applications such a pallets transportation and 3) remove the high vehicle maintenance costs due to the failure of the motors, gearboxes, wheels and brakes of competing solutions.