Country: Circul'Egg

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2020

Theme: Waste Management


Circul’Egg is an agro-industry by-product processing company founded by Yacine Kabeche, an engineering graduate of AgroParisTech. Today, Circul’Egg is developing its first project to recycle eggshells from egg breakers. Egg breakers are factories that break eggs to transform them into egg products, marketed to the food industry and restaurants. The innovative & patented industrial process we are developing enables us to separate and isolate the two main components of eggshells: the outer shell, rich in calcium carbonate; and the shell membrane, rich in biomolecules of therapeutic interest. After grinding and decontamination, we obtain two batches of finished products: A marketable inert calcium carbonate powder (300 to 400€/ton) as a calcium supplement for the animal feed and as a bulking agent for the materials industries (paint, flooring, rubber, glass). A dry shell membrane powder, with proven therapeutic and cosmetic effects. This high value-added product (selling price €160€/kg) can be sold on the nutraceuticals and cosmetics markets, as well as to the pet food industry for the manufacture of certain specialized products. The Circul’Egg offer is economically viable and provides a sustainable alternative to existing solutions. The services and products that we propose are currently polluting and ethically less accepted. Indeed, calcium carbonate comes mainly from the exploitation of limestone quarries, which have a strong impact on the environment. Concerning the biomolecules of the membrane, we offer vegetarian sourcing in a market where collagen or hyaluronic acid come directly from animal products (cockerel skulls, pig skins, etc.).