Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2023

Theme: Cleantech

Website: http://www.emissium.io

Emissium is a dynamic cleantech startup poised to revolutionize the energy transition by providing real-time environmental impact data and a certified offset market for clean electricity. We offer a proprietary blockchain-based solution that traces electricity impact at the time and place of consumption, enabling companies to reduce emissions and implement grid decarbonization projects effectively. Due to this grid awareness, preliminary calculations have shown a 50% reduction potential in CO2 emissions for the combined smart charging of vehicles and heating in Swiss residential buildings, and 30% in the European industry. We offer power companies the use of our data, enabling them to track the emissions associated with their operation and to set green tariffs for their customers accordingly. This increases their level of accountability and transparency towards the final consumer. Conversely, for energy users (households and companies) we offer tracking, monitoring and certification of electricity consumption profiles. With our forecasting algorithm, users can effectively implement environmentally conscious projects, reducing their ecological footprint and generating certified carbon offsets. For households and individuals such offsets can be sold in Emissium offset market, whereas for companies, they can also be redeemed for compliance purposes (e.g. ESG or CSR reporting). Finally, Emissium platform allows energy users to further invest in energy-related offset projects, such as local solar farms or wind parks, allowing them additional environmental reduction.