Country: Sweden

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2023

Theme: Sustainable Materials

Website: https://goneshells.com/

GoneShells develops innovative and sustainable packaging solutions by combining product development and R&D. With the material innovation GoneShells – we offer the next generation of sustainable food packaging with a hyper biodegradable and biobased packaging solution. Consisting of a starch-based core coated with a bio-based and biodegradable barrier, the material is developed to offer an alternative to paper, plastic and glass to package food. With a transparent and flexible packaging material that can replace fossil-based and other non-renewable ones, we can offer food producers and consumers a new type of biodegradable material that creates less strain on both the environment and recycling systems, as well as reduce the problems with packaging materials ending up in nature or landfills. The business model, offering and revenue streams centre around: Own production, distribution of licenses and development of customized packaging solutions to companies within the food industry.