Country: Italy

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2014

Theme: Sustainable Food and Agriculture


HydroSinni an innovative reality of Basilicata (Italy) in the world of hydroponic, aeroponic vertical above ground cultivation, as well as holders of Patent for Industrial Invention entitled “Method and apparatus of Hydroponic cultivation” granted in dell ’20. Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants above ground, they facilitate either of inert substrates or aqueous solutions. They are distinguished by possibility of being able to grow in any location and weather conditions, do not depend on seasonality calendars, make it possible to achieve good yields both quantitative and qualitative and significantly contain the impact on the environment. Hydroponics unlike an Organic cultivation does not contribute to desertification to increase areas, hydroponics also allows significant water savings of 90%. Taking into consideration the current climate changes and with the increase in population, which pose us the problem of being able to provide enough food for everyone, we believe that these cultivation practices are right targeted to produce any agribusiness product safely, quickly and with products of the highest quality.