Groam Tech

Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2022

Theme: Sustainable materials


We are offering foamed biomaterials based on renewables like agricultural waste and side streams. Our first market are fast disposables such as higher added value packaging or cosmetics utensils (plastic handles, tweezers etc). Later, we aim to develop products for fast fashion or insulation.

We have proprietary materials as well as novel patented foaming technology and expertise in foaming biomaterials, which is hard to do.

Our USP is to lower the carbon footprint of companies producing plastic fast disposables. In addition, we sell light-weight (completely porous or product core is porous) materials further sparing total material. We customize our products to the end-user with desired features such as smooth surface, foamed, non-foamed, compostable, biodegradable, stability in water etc. We have currently a patent on a novel foaming process owned by University ETHZ. We are negotiating a licensing agreement for this patent. We have planned an IP strategy to further protect our materials and specific applications from our materials.