Mzansi Meat Co.

Country: South Africa

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2020

Theme: Sustainable food and agriculture


Mzansi Meat Co. is a cultivated meat (DNA identical, grown in a lab) company, focused on developing a scalable cultivated beef to meet the demands of climate change. Food production causes most of the damage to biodiversity, forest cover, and nutrient cycles. Scientists estimate that agriculture is the source of about 25% of climate change emissions, 80% of biodiversity loss and deforestation, and 90% of nutrient pollution worldwide. Most of our food system’s environmental impacts come from raising animals.

We have the potential to be a global leader in cultivated meat production with the ability to get to market faster and more affordably than our global counterparts as our operations. Our research and development team has already successfully pioneered the key technologies necessary to scale cultivated meat production and during a recent tasting event, guests could taste Mzansi meat for themselves. Among these were politicians and food experts who praised the flavour, taste and authenticity of the burgers.