Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2018

Theme: Sustainable materials


Mondays empowers naturally smart choices for better menstrual health. Femcare is a neglected FMCG sector worth 40bn$ we directly address 5 Sustainable Development Goals with our premium brand of sustainable period products. Our corporate business has an exploding growth trajectory as we help management tangibly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and diversity in an easy to implement step.

As a mission led brand we offer our customers an authentic and highly impactful purchasing decision. Mondays is already partner of choice for the most discerning of businesses, with traction in this nascent market across public and private sectors ranging from education to Big 4 Tech. Mondays, a women owned & led business, beats the fragmented competition in this green washing era because our products are of the highest quality, have exceptional environmental (and health) benefits and we are able to deliver on an EMEA wide basis.