Lowimpact food

Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2021

Theme: Sustainable food and agriculture

Website: https://lowimpactfood.ch/

Lowimpact Food SA proposes an alternative source of animal protein thanks to its modern insect rearing and processing facility. Our production is high quality, sustainable and based on untapped resources of swiss food processing industries. Our vision is to facilitate the transition of our end customer towards a healthy and sustainable nutrition by bringing gaps in food industry and proposing circular agriculture.

Currently, our offer consists of dried seasoned mealworms for snacks and new food discovery. Our goal is to increase customer acceptance of insect-based food products; therefore, insect powder and insect oil products are currently under development in order to meet -endcustomer acceptance. Our target customers have been identified count individuals (B2B2C) as well as food processing industries, hospitals or restaurant (B2B).

Lowimpact Food is the first start-up with a production using 100% food by-product from food processing industry as insect feed with a full local and scalable production approach. Our unique science-based solution enables us to use untapped resources from local food system all over the word and to adapt efficient insect rearing to different climate and economy ecosystems. It has the potential to save hundreds of tons of high-quality nutrient from compost, biodigestor or landfill, increasing the resilience and the sustainability of food ecosystems. Our technology encompasses feed and process optimization using an in-house algorithm together with development of tailored remote monitoring.