Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2017

Theme: Sustainable food and agriculture


Alver World SA is a Swiss FoodTech company in the alternative protein market which is set to reach USD 290 bn by 2035. Microorganisms are the next frontier of alternative protein and Alver® is leading the way with their Golden Chlorella® microalgae which is disruptive as it is UNIQUELY naturally neutral in taste and colour, making it easy to incorporate into everyday foods. With their range of high protein vegan foods, Alver has placed itself as the European in leader in foods with microalgae.

Alver has cracked the barrier of using microalgae in regular foods and developed a range of High Protein Vegan Superfoods which are sold throughout Europe. Protected by a proprietary strain and several patents, Alver’s ingredient is EFSA-compliant as food. Alver Chlorella is the most sustainable protein in the world and blends easily into a variety of foods such as; beverages, pantry, bakery, plant-based burgers, fish sticks and more.
With a broad variety of partners Alver also offers their unique Chlorella as a functional ingredient, perfect for dairy and meat applications, having proven that it can replace methylcellulose due its excellent binding and emulsifying properties, at the same time enriching food with proteins, micro and macro nutrients. It is rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, omegas, carotenoids and high in protein with a full amino acid profile.