Country: France

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2015

Theme: Renewable energy


Naoden designs and manufactures bioenergy plants that operate using recoverable biomass waste resources. The offer is based on two solutions which are:

1- Nobilis which produces a carbon-free green gas for thermal processes
2- Imperium which simultaneously produces electricity and heat

Naoden offers local carbon-free energy at controlled costs that replaces fossil fuels.

The advantage of the Naoden solution lies in the technological choice it has chosen to address but also in the way to make it efficient.

Naoden offers its customers modular standard units that use the pyrogasification process. Naoden’s strength is to have put its efforts into the development of a single unit power to have perfect control of it in terms of process but also in industrialization. A simple cascading of the units makes it possible to cover the needs of the customers.

The pyrogasification process is very complex and the best way to master it is to tame it without having to reinvent it for each project. Unlike one-off gasification projects, Naoden seeks to deploy its solutions optimally by doing simple integration work. Simple, fast, effective!