Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2020

Theme: Sustainable materials


CompPair, a world-class composite expert, has developed the first healable and sustainable composite material solution: HealTech.

A ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites, HealTech enables 1 minute on site repair in composite structures. 400x faster than current options, this unique technology brings vital changes to manufacturers, end-users, and the planet. CompPair tackles composite limitations leading the decisive turning point for the industry. The CompPair vision is to provide full circularity to the composites industry.

Our innovation, HealTech, is a preimpregnated textile that (i) has an improved crack resistance, (ii) can repeatedly heal damage, (iii) is compatible with current manufacturing, with a standard drapability, tack and curing process, and (iv) improves the composites recyclability, allowing a better recycling of the fibers, keeping most of their properties. To repair damage, a composite part built with our preimpregnated textile has simply to be heated with a heat gun during 1 minute at a temperature range from 80 to 150 °C. The novel technology stands in the unique resin, keeping standard industry specifications. CompPair’s technology meets benchmark composite performances and stays structural during healing, no mold or pressure needed. After regeneration, the repaired parts recuperate 100% of their mechanical properties while keeping an unchanged weight and profile. Following the regeneration, a part can be repaired more than 60 times without losing its mechanical properties nor its healing capability.