ECCO2 Solutions

Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2019

Theme: Energy efficiency


ECCO2’s reduces heating energy consumption in buildings by an average of 15% with an IoT/AI/data-based solution, and compiles ESG-relevant building data.

Institutional real estate owners are challenged by high energy consumption. Energy cost, legal obligations, and social pressure are real pains. Energy efficiency impacts market value for tenants and investors. ECCO2 Solution is fast, affordable, fits anywhere and is subsidized by Swiss government.

Our solution works with any building, any energy, within weeks and at moderate costs. This is a unique chance for real estate owners (banks, insurances, pension funds) to fix the energy issues with their old stock – where the majority of energy is consumed. We are leaders of our market in Switzerland and the quality of our product has been recognised by three indistry awards in 2022.