Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2018

Theme: Renewable energy

Website: https://exergo.ch/

We are a technology and engineering company offering to real estate promotors and utility companies the most compact, efficient and profitable energy network of the market. Our CO2 network allows the supply of fully renewable energy services in dense urban areas using renewable resources.

We offer to our customers the CO2 network licensed product (infrastructure connecting buildings), control system, engineering services and construction support. We work together with system commissioning, servicing companies, public authorities in order to guarantee a quick and smooth installation of the system. We collaborate with partner engineering companies and offer to them training services in order to adopt our system.

We propose an energy network concept that uses CO2 (filled to a close circuit) as a low temperature energy vector. The outstanding properties of the fluid allow CO2 networks to be up to 10 times more compact (volume based) than water-based infrastructure solution, with a easier and faster deployment.

The CO2 network product of ExerGo allows energy service providers, district owners and real estate promoters to offer energy services to multiple buildings at a maximum efficiency, with up to 100% renewable energy delivered to consumers and over 85% of primary energy savings with respect to existing district networks (using gas fired boilers and electric air-cooled chillers). Our certified technology uses industry-standard components already available on the market that are assembled in a smart and patented way. Every customer gets his energy needs at maximum efficiency.