Country: Switzerland

Environmental Innovation Awards 2023

Year of foundation: 2021

Theme: Renewable Energy

Website: https://enerdrape.com/

Enerdrape developped the world’s first prefabricated geothermal panel technology. Thanks to an installation without drilling, Enerdrape panels make it possible to turn underground structures, such as car parking or tunnels, into sources of renewable thermal energy for the heating and cooling of buildings, thus achieving CO2 savings. Modular, thin, flexible, made of recyclable materials, and compatible with all heat pumps, Enerdrape panels represent an effective retrofit solution for existing buildings but also an opportunity for new constructions turn newly constructed ones. Committed to unlocking the energy potential that lies underground, Enerdrape aims to act as a global leader in urban cleantech solutions, providing sustainable contemporary heating and cooling supply to smart cities. Enerdrape provides a scalable solution to enable the timely decarbonization of cities.