Country: United Kingdom

Environmental Innovation Awards 2022

Year of foundation: 2021

Theme: Sustainable materials

Website: https://flex-sea.com/

FlexSea develops various seaweed derived plastic-replacement products which are completely home compostable and will leave no toxic trace behind. We are currently working on upscaling our first product, a transparent, printable and heat sealable flexible film destined at the dry item packaging segment.
Future plans include coatings, semi rigids and seamless integration to pellet-transforming machines.

The business model is intended to become a B2B licensing one once at scale. The upstream integration of sequential extraction of biomolecules from the seaweed crop will allow to reduce costs of the polymers, but also valorise the waste of the extraction process for the latter.

The USP of the solution is the use of red seaweeds instead of brown seaweeds like most of our competitors which will allow us to scale faster and be environmentally most responsible. Indeed, brown species are mainly collected, and their farming is only at low scale and high pricing, whilst red species have been cultivated at scale and domesticated for over 35 years. On the other hand, the biopolymer extracted form the red seaweeds allow to have a higher level of transparency and oxygen/oil barrier. Finally, our patented solution allows us to heat seal and print on the material with no adhesive layer. The whole product is actually so eco-friendly it is edible thanks to its food safe formulations. Another advantage includes the many patents in the pipeline for other verticals which will generate new revenue streams.